21 - 23 October, 2022

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The hosting communities for the first Global Fashioning Assembly (GFA22) are now set and consist of the New Zealand Fashion Museum, a virtual fashion museum established in 2010, decolonising the fashion landscape in Aotearoa; Aika Jaxybai, who is a fashion creative, film maker and artist based in Kazakhstan as well as the founder of the fashion brand Aika Alemi; Sonya Battla, an established fashion practitioner based in Karachi (Pakistan) whose work is informed by her passion for local crafts and decoloniality practices in South Asia; Own Your Culture, a Kenyan online platform to promote, preserve and educate Kenyans and beyond on traditional jewellery and its relevance in today’s fashion; Ina-Maria Shikongo, who is a Namibian fashion creative, artist, mother and environmental activist; the Centre for Research of Fashion and Clothing which is a non-profit organization based in Zagreb (Croatia) focusing on contextualizing local fashion practices and phenomena in relation to the global fashion system and dominant fashion discourse; the Fashion Liberation Collective North Africa that aims to represent North Africa by applying a decolonial approach to local fashion systems and histories and to bring to light ‘true’ North African representations in art and design; the North Carolina Museum of Art, which will be collaborating with the Contemporary Art Museum (CAM) on a hybrid digital and in-person event to mute the (dominant) mic to make room for other voices to be amplified and heard; and others. The Research Collective for Decoloniality & Fashion is the initiator and overall coordinator of the Assembly.

The hosting communities have been meeting monthly to collectively and collaboratively structure the programme, coordinate funding applications and establish communication strategies, including the decision on a visual identity, a website and social media accounts.



A Coalitional Gathering Beyond Institutional, Disciplinary and Geographical Boundaries

The GFA is a coalitional gathering beyond institutional, disciplinary and geographical boundaries that aims to decentralise knowledge creation and sharing regarding fashion—through conversation, through the relational, the communal and the coalitional and through the radical act of listening across race, gender, age, epistemologies and genealogies.

The GFA is an international 24 hours non-stop live streamed and recorded event that follows the sun on its course around the world. As the sun moves from one time zone to the next, the hosting of the GFA is passed on from one community to the next, with a multi-stakeholder programme combining online and offline formats. The programme is created collectively by different people, collectives and communities around the globe. Each aspect of the GFA is self-represented, activated and governed, whereby local stakeholders, communities and audiences are equally engaged and connected across diverse locations. With guests becoming hosts and hosts becoming guests, conventional colonial power relations are disrupted often at play in global projects.


Upcoming Events

  • Fri, 21 Oct
    Online Assemblies
    21 Oct, 00:00 – 23 Oct, 23:50
    Online Assemblies
    Our three-day event will explore fashion through panel discussions, fashion workshops, demonstrations, studio visits and more!


Global Fashioning Assembly 2022

Keep up with us as we work towards our first Global Fashioning Assembly to be held in October 2022. We'll share updates and sneak peeks into our hosting communities and dialogues.


The GFA is partly funded by the stimuleringsfonds.