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On 30 June 2022, a number of GFA22 hosting coalitions hosted an online workshop Practicing Decoloniality at the International Fashion Conference: Ways of Caring Practicing - Solidarity organised by Artez Design School for the biennale State of Fashion in Arnhem. The workshop drew on our experiences of what it means to practice decoloniality (in curating a fashion programme) by decentring ways of working collectively. Five elements that have been key to the GFA’s development were explored, namely notions of listening, humbling, and hosting; and, questions of global time, and translation/translatability. Together we explored our processes to find pathways to be in relation with a network of fashion(ing) communities in order to practice decoloniality beyond content. The workshop engaged with concepts of collaboration that are key to the future of fashion, expand the nexus of decoloniality and fashion, and engage multiple partners and stakeholders across diverse, global fashion(ing) systems.

Watch the full recording on the GFA Youtube channel

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